On this page you will find downloadable materials from the project. We will fill the page with new content as we go, so come back to check what´s new!

Change2Twin Brochure

This brochure titled “Digital Twin Champions in Manufacturing. Success Stories from Change2Twin project” summarizes the results of the project so far, showcasing the beneficiaries and their digital twin experiments: Date of publication: September 2023

Project presentation

This presentation provides basic information about the Change2Twin project. Date of publication: January 2021

Position papers

Enabling technologies for digital twins in manufacturing

This position paper investigates the enabling technologies in manufacturing. Date of publication: September 2022

Overcoming 9 Digital Twin barriers for manufacturing SMEs

The position paper investigates the barriers for digital twin implementation and possible ways how to overcome them. Date of publication: April 2021


Change2Twin Flyer 2023 with beneficiaries

Flyer (A4) providing basic information about the funding instruments offered by Change2Twin and the overview of beneficiaries from the open calls. Date of publication: September 2023

Change2Twin General Flyer

Flyer (A4) providing basic information about the project offering and contacts. Suitable dissemination activities, can be printed out and used by project stakeholders. Date of publication: October 2021

Change2Twin Flyer for Digital Innovation Hubs

Flyer (A4) promoting Change2Twin to Digital Innovation Hubs. Date of publication: February 2022 (updated version)

Change2Twin Flyer – Deployment Voucher 2023

Flyer (A4) promoting the 2nd Deployment Voucher open call. Date of publication: February 2023

Change2Twin Flyer -Assessment Voucher 2022

Flyer (A4) promoting the 2nd Assesssment Voucher open call. Date of publication: May 2022

Change2Twin Flyer – Deployment Voucher 2021

Flyer (A4) promoting the 1st Deployment Voucher open call. Date of publication: June 2021

Public reports

This is a detailed public report about the results of the first Assessment Voucher open call. For the purposes of transparency this report contains the list of beneficiaries and the financial contribution they received. Date of publication: August 2021