Winners of Assessment Voucher 2022

Assessment Open Call 2022

Bizzcom s.r.o. from Slovakia

Bizzcom is an SME operating in the process automation industry, specializing in the area of production of automated mechatronic machinery and devices development & manufacturing. Assessment done by DIH Slovak Centre of Digital Innovations.

Comércio Design Industrial from Portugal

Comércio Design Industrial is a leading Additive Manufacturing company in Portugal. Assessment done by DIH iMan Norte Hub.

Compañía Española de Algas Marinas (CEAMSA) S.A. from Spain

CEAMSA is a leading producer of carrageenan, a natural jellifying agent extracted from red seaweed. Assessment done by Ágora DIH Región de Murcia. 

Cotonificio Albini Spa from Italy

Cotonificio Albini Spa Cotonificio Albini is a fabrics manufacturer and handles the dyeing, weaving, production of samples and inspection of the fabrics. Assessment done by DIH Big Data Innovation & Research Excellence.

DB Biotech, a.s. from Slovakia

DB Biotech is a producer of antibodies mainly used for clinical diagnostics of cancer in early stages and for research purposes. Assessment done by DIH Slovak Centre of Digital Innovations.

GIG Karasek GmbH from Austria

GIG Karasek engineers, manufactures, and distributes high-quality products for thermal separation in industrial process plants. Assessment done by DIH Linz Centre of Mechatronics.

Glasscom S.L. from Spain

Glasscom manufactures fiberglass fabrics with its multiple applications, such as nautical, the wind sector, construction, refrigerated trucks, furniture, among many others. Assessment done by DIH iMan Norte Hub.

Italbox industrie riunite SpA from Italy

Italbox specializes in design and molding of elements and components in Expanded Polypropylene, Expanded Polyethylene, Expanded Polystyrene. Assessment done by Digital Innovation Hub Piemonte.

Laboratorio Geometrico SL from Spain

Laboratorio Geometrico specializes in the manufacture of biodegradable 3D filaments, with a wide variety of materials and chromatic ranges. Assessment done by DIH Industry 4.0.

RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH from Austria

RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH is an aviation technology company that develops and manufactures custom solutions for their customers. Assessment done by DIH Linz Centre of Mechatronics.

Tekkan Plastik ve Ticaret AŞ from Turkey

Tekkan is a plastic parts producer for automotive and white goods. Assessment done by Intelligent Factory and Robotics Laboratory Digital Innovation Hub.

The SARM Project from Greece

The SARM Project is an engineering company focused on developing new concepts for high-efficiency compressors, expanders, pumps, and internal combustion engines. Assessment done by North- East Romania DIH.

Total Plastic Solution Ltd from Ireland

Total Plastic Solution is a custom plastic injection moulding company. Assessment done by DIH IS4PROD.

Altechna R&D UAB from Lithuania

Altechna is a company developing laser micromachining solutions. Assessment done by Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub.