Success Stories

In order to prove the concept, Change2Twin executed four pilot experiments in 2020-2021 with companies from diverse manufacturing branches. These experiments illustrate the potential of selected digital twin technologies and provide background and inspiration for other manufacturing companies.

After the successful completion of the proof of concept, Change2Twin offered its solution to manufacturing SMEs in open calls. A selection of experiments from the open calls was documented in videos which are available here and on our YouTube page in the section “Digital Twin Champions”

List of pilot experiments:

  • Aetna Group/Robopac: Wrapping machine manufacturer Robopac wants to create a digital twin to model different wrapping strategies to reduce the volume of wrapping material. At the same time Robopac wants to increase the wrapping speed and offer new digital services to its customers.
  • Graphenstone: Paint manufacturer Graphenstone will create a digital twin of its paint manufacturing process, link data from inside and outside the factory to decrease quality verification time, maximize cycle output and decrease operational costs.
  • Additive Industries: The 3D metal printing machinery manufacturer Additive Industries wants to create a digital twin to keep their machinery certified for use by heavy demand customers like aerospace and healthcare.
  • Space Structures: The part design bureau Space Structures GmbH showcases a prothesis adapter which will be used to study how digital twins support product development, manufacturing and testing of mechanical parts and systems; in particular how designs perform longer under higher stress using less material by using additive manufacturing.

List of selected experiments from open calls

  • DNA Phone
  • Pressious Arvantidis
  • Salvagnini Maschinenbau