Open Calls

UPDATE 8 SEPTEMBER 2021: The 1st Deployment voucher call is open for submission until 29 October 2021!

Apply here:

Attend the webinar for Applicants on 30 September!

Change2Twin offers European manufacturing SMEs and midcaps (i.e. companies with up to 3.000 employees) funding to get a digital twin. For this purpose, Change2Twin will organize two rounds of open calls where companies can apply for funding. The calls will take place in 2021 and 2022 and will offer two different instruments in each call:

The first call – Assessment Voucher – was open from 28 January to 29 March 2021, the proposals are in evaluation .

The next open calls will follow in this sequence (opening date):

2nd Assessment Voucher: July 2022

2nd Deployment Voucher: December 2022

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