Deployment Voucher

UPDATE 29 October 2021: the Deployment Voucher is now closed. Thank you for your applications! See the RESULTS

We are looking for manufacturing SMEs and midcaps (i.e. companies with up to 3.000 employees) that want to improve their competitiveness by implementing Digital Twinning Technology. Our service, encapsulating assessment & guidance from certified Digital Innovation Hubs, will help them in overcoming that challenge.

21 participating SMEs and midcaps will receive a Deployment Voucher of up to 90.000 € to implement one of the provided „recipes“ from the Assessment Voucher or a recipe prepared by the company themselves.

Important: The call for the Deployment Voucher is also open to companies that did not receive or did not apply for the support of the Assessment Voucher. In that case they can prepare a recipe according to a template using either the Change2Twin Marketplace to select the components or including other technologies, which are not available there yet.

Who can apply?
Manufacturing SME’s and midcaps from the EU and associated countries. Bottom-up projects should address the development and implementation of technology and systems applicable to digital twins for manufacturing with a special focus on digital twins related to additive manufacturing and IoT.

Experiments that show cross-border cooperation are strongly encouraged.

In general, the experiments must contribute to the state-of-the-art of digital twin technology. Also the experiment use cases must increase the digital maturity of the end user, and provide clear lessons learned to be shared with the manufacturing community in Europe.

When can you apply?
The first call was open until 29 October 2021. The second open call is foreseen for December 2022. Join our community and follow us on LinkedIn for updates on these dates.

What’s in it for SMEs?
You will get a voucher worth up to 90.000 € to be used for the actual deployment of the digital twin and for the execution of application experiments. During the execution, the consortium partners will support the application experiments with their expertise, knowledge and solutions from the pilot waves. These will be available to all applicants for the experiments.

What are the next steps:
Once you have confirmed your SME/midcap status and verified that you are in an eligible country, you can procede by:

  1. Reading the Guide for Applicants (Document explaining the application and evaluation procedures)
  2. Having a look at the Frequently Asked Questions in order to see if there are answers to the doubts you may have.
  3. Clicking the apply button and preparing your application.

Still have questions?
If you have doubts, go to the Change2Twin Help Desk or contact For your convenience, here is a simple tutorial how to submit a question to the Change2Twin Help Desk.