If you are a manufacturing SME from the EU or associated coutries, Change2Twin offers you a unique opportunity to digitalize your business with a digital twin and thus become more competitive on the market. In cooperation with Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) in your region Change2Twin provides you with an individual mentoring plan and a ready-to-use recipe for your digital twin deployment. Your individual solution will be composed of elements from several technology providers from all over Europe to best address your needs.

For this purpose, you can apply for an Assessment voucher worth € 10.000 in one of our two open calls. For the actual deployment of the digital twin and for the execution of application experiments, you can apply for a Deployment voucher worth € 90.000, also available via our two open calls. You are free to choose if you will apply just for one of the two vouchers or both.

If you want to see which kind of applications Change2Twin supports, check our four pilot experiments.

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