The ecosystem surrounding manufacturers contains many technologies and partners needed to make digital twinning possible. However, manufacturers still struggle to find the right partners. To help both sides – manufacturers and technology providers – Change2Twin has created the Marketplace.

The Change2Twin Marketplace is a curated architecture-agnostic technology platform, which is populated with state-of-the-art tools and solutions from technology providers. All these offerings are related to creation and deployment of digital twins (e.g. data modelling, control systems, applications in all lifecycle phases). A requirement for an offering to be presented in the Marketplace is a description of its interoperability with other solutions through the use of standards.

The Marketplace has been primarily developed as a tool for Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) helping manufacturers in their digitization efforts. Using the Marketplace DIH can easily find suitable solutions for manufacturers interested in acquiring a digital twin and provide them with a ready-to-use twinning recipe. The manufacturing companies can apply in Change2Twin Open Calls to get funding.

You can access the Marketplace here:

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