These are the 11 winners of Change2Twin Deployment Voucher!

Change2Twin has again a good reason to celebrate – we have achieved an important milestone by kicking off the Deployment programme with our 11 beneficiaries. Warm welcome to the following companies which have won Change2Twin funding (Deployment Voucher) to deploy a digital twin:

In the open call we received 53 applications from all over Europe, the independent evaluation showed that 28 of these applications were above threshold (reached at least 10 points for total score and min. 3 points for each criterion). From this pool 11 best rated projects were selected for funding. Obviously, the most successful country in this call was Spain – with 4 beneficiaries.

On 24 March, when all sub-grant agreements with beneficiaries were signed, Change2Twin organised a virtual kick-off meeting with a busy agenda. On the one hand, Change2Twin introduced the formal rules of the support programme, on the other hand we were glad to hear the presentations of our beneficiaries about their companies and plans concerning digital twins. The beneficiaries got to know their technical mentors from the consortium who will be their guides during the Deployment programme. Additionally, Change2Twin tech partners (SINTEF, TTTech, Jotne, TNO, BOC, UNIBO, Cloudbroker, PSNC, CORDIS, UNIT040, Author-e, CT Ingenieros) presented their solutions for digital twins, which the beneficiaries can use within the support programme.

As a matter of fact – our original plan was to meet in person in TTTech’s premises in Vienna to get to know each other personally, but unfortunately the COV-19 situation did not allow us to to it and instead we organised the meeting in an online space.

We wish our beneficiaries a lot of success on their 11-months journey and hope that the Change2Twin grant and the technical mentoring will help them to deploy the digital twin they wanted and so achieve their business goals.

We will be following the progress of the experiments and will inform you through our communication channels.