Let’s talk about Digital Twin in Change2Twin Community!

All participants and stakeholders involved in the Change2Twin project are invited to join the online community platform and exchange ideas, expertise, case studies, and best practices related to the world of Digital Twins. Join the community now!

We have built up a vibrant community of stakeholders around digital twinning, simulations and modelling sphere and connect a large number of SMEs and mid-caps benefitting from the technologies and know-how developed in the course of Change2Twin project. The Change2Twin community is part of the extended I4MS community which counts over 1,200 members.

Embracing the principles of peer-to-peer learning, the community is meant to showcase a wide range of services, information, and tools that allows stakeholders to communicate, align, collaborate, and share their knowledge with their peers. This is the perfect opportunity for industry players and companies to:

  1. Understand the benefits of adopting a Digital Twin and find out how it could increase your competitiveness in the global marketplace.
  2. Be notified about funding opportunities to help you implement a Digital Twin.
  3. Gain visibility for your projects and services by sharing valuable information and expertise related to digital twinning: best practices, case studies, industry news, and more.

We encourage active participation from all members of the community in a number of ways:

  1. Introduce yourself to the community by writing 3-4 lines about yourself, your project, and what you hope to gain from the project and community.

  1. Share important news and events related to the Change2Twin project with the community.

  1. Receive updates from and interact with project partners and their content.

  1. On top of publishing public comments and reactions to content in the community, you can also send private direct messages (DMs) to members.

  1. Explore all the types of contents, or “collections”, available in the community, from general Articles and Events to project-related Announcements, Best Practices, and more.

  1. It is worth reminding that the Change2Twin community is technically a space within the extended I4MS community which means that activity within the Change2Twin space benefits from extra visibility among I4MS. Featured articles even appear on the I4MS community homepage.

  1. To sign up to Change2Twin, (1) join I4MS’ extended community and (2) introduce yourself to Change2Twin members.

Join today and start networking with Change2Twin personnel, Digital Innovation Hubs, tech providers, and the rest of the Change2Twin community. We are looking forward to meeting you in our growing community!