Digital Twins onsite: Change2Twin at Advanced Factories

Advanced Factories is the annual meeting of industry leaders. Since 2017, year after year, this event has established itself as the industrial trade show where the latest solutions on industrial automation systems, robotics, industrial software, artificial intelligence, artificial vision and virtual simulation solutions, Big Data, IoT, cybersecurity, Industrial Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and all technologies 4.0 associated with digital manufacturing are showcased.

Change2Twin has had the opportunity to attend its very first face-to-face event since we started the project a year ago. With all the security measures in place, it was a pleasure to feel the closeness of the face-to-face for a few days and to be able to access, gathered in one place, the newest innovations of the manufacturing industry. In this case, with a notable presence of small and medium-sized robotics companies, as well as a large number of innovators who are eager to start their new incursion to contribute to the digitisation of factories.

Change2Twin was there thanks to our colleagues from I4MS, the European Commission initiative that aims to boost and make visible the digitisation of the manufacturing sector in Europe (and under which our project falls). At the I4MS booth we were invited to present Change2Twin, its activities andthe next open call to develop a digital twin, which will be launched on the 30th of June and will grant selected companies up to €90k and full technical support to deploy a digital twin.

Do you want to see how it looked like? Have a glimpse at this photo album!

This article was originally published by Marta Albújar in Change2Twin Community.