New position paper: Enabling technologies for digital twins in manufacturing, introducing

Change2Twin has just published a new position paper “Enabling technologies for digital twins in manufacturing”. This position paper should help manufacturers to better understand which types of technologies are available and which purposes do they serve. The main author of the position paper Oliver Barrowclough from SINTEF Digital has written the paper in cooperation with several other experts from Change2Twin consortium.

Why you should know the enabling technologies?

One of the main barriers to the adoption of digital twins in industry is the lack of understanding of the opportunities that recent technological developments provide. The aim of this position paper is to provide a simple and concise introduction to a wide variety of technologies that are important for digital twin implementations.

In the previous position paper Change2Twin explored the barriers for implementation of digital twins. With the new position paper, Change2Twin goes one step further and offers an overview of the enabling technologies in five basic categories. At the end it also presents the growing Change2Twin technology and solution marketplace.

You can download the position paper “Enabling technologies for digital twins in manufacturing” here:

Meet the main author

The paper guides readers through five basic technology categories: Geometric and physics-based modelling, Data-driven modelling & big data cybernetics, Infrastructure and platforms, Human-machine interface and Data management. The purpose was to focus on technologies which are most likely to be applied in the manufacturing branch.

“Our team investigated the enabling technologies for digital twins with a special focus on manufacturing since the beginning of the project. The result was an extensive report about the current status on the market. We decided to extract the most important findings and offer them to smaller manufacturing companies, which see the need of a digital twin in their businesses but do not know exactly where to start.”

Oliver Barrowclough, researcher in SINTEF Digital and the main author of the position paper

Oliver spoke about the enabling technologies and about the barriers to digital twin deployment in one of our recent tech talks. Watch his talk here: