Mapping the Road Ahead: Change2Twin’s Final Year Insight

As we step into 2024, Change2Twin gears up for the last leg of its journey. The focus is on sharing practical insights gained over four years (and counting!) of dedicated work for manufacturing SMEs, offering them the opportunity to build digital twins.

Ongoing Experimentation Phase: 15 SMEs in the Spotlight

Currently, we are in the last phase of deployment experiments, working closely with 15 manufacturing SMEs across Europe. These businesses are making the most of Change2Twin’s funding and mentoring to create and deploy their first digital twins, showing how we have helped them navigate the digital landscape.

Sharing Good Practice

In our commitment to practical knowledge-sharing, Change2Twin will actively participate in multiple dissemination events this year, such as the Mecspe fair in Bologna beginning of March.

For those seeking practical insights, we encourage a deep dive into our two position papers available on our website. The first, “Enabling Technologies for Digital Twins in Manufacturing,” provides a comprehensive overview of the foundational technologies driving successful digital twin implementation. The second, “Overcoming 9 Digital Twin Barriers for Manufacturing SMEs” addresses practical challenges faced by SMEs in adopting digital twins, offering pragmatic solutions to overcome these obstacles.

For a deeper dive into our findings, you can explore our YouTube channel, where interviews with beneficiaries offer firsthand accounts of the impact experienced by SMEs.

Sustainability in Progress: The Technology Marketplace

As we conclude the project, our team is actively developing a sustainability model for our technology marketplace, placing particular emphasis on integrating the digital platform, Agora, introduced by our new project partner, Clesgo. Agora, already in use by I4MS projects DIGITbrain and PULSATE, holds the potential for collaboration among the three projects, consolidating marketplace content and approaching a critical mass of offers. Successful collaboration, however, requires formal agreements and the resolution of GDPR challenges related to user data. Meetings held in the last quarter of 2023 have identified synergies, laying the foundation for a more robust and inclusive platform that aims to foster growth, adaptation, and collaboration for manufacturing SMEs in the digital twin landscape.

A Resourceful Future: Beyond November

In November, as the Change2Twin project concludes, it leaves behind a legacy of practical insights, lessons, and resources for manufacturing SMEs. Our YouTube channel and position papers stand as enduring resources, providing a reservoir of practical knowledge for SMEs navigating the complexities of digital transformation. The culmination of the project is not an endpoint but a transition, with the tools and knowledge developed poised to empower manufacturing SMEs well into the future.