This was MECSPE 2024

The MECSPE 2024 industrial fair, held from 6th to 8th March in Bologna, Italy, provided a vibrant platform for showcasing our digital twin innovations, fostering collaborations, and exchanging knowledge. Our project, Change2Twin, actively contributed to this event and was an important dissemination activity for us.

Our Booth in the Digital Factory Hall

At MECSPE, our project had a prominent presence in the Digital Factory Hall. Visitors were greeted by our sleek booth, where each day, we hosted engaging pitches delivered by our beneficiaries—companies who had harnessed the power of digital twins through our cascade funding scheme. We are very happy that all Change2Twin beneficiaries from Italy were present, and additionally Trygons from Greece and Mirelite Mirsa from Hungary came too to present their projects. These success stories resonated with attendees, many asked about the next open call where they could apply with their company.

Showcasing Beneficiary Projects

In addition to our beneficiaries also our project partners took center stage, presenting the projects (including pilots) they had mentored or digital twin enabling technologies they offered. Let’s delve into some of the highlights:

  1. Sangalli -project PLP Paving Lean Process presented by Raffaella Donghi
  2. Graphenstone pilot experiment presented by project mentor Anna SumerederBOC Group
  3. Labormak – project Twin4Logs presented by Federico Fumagalli and Andrea Forni
  4. Focchi – project IRIS (Warehouse digital twinning) presented by Alessandro Pracucci
  5. Trygons – project ComProBotTwin, digital twin in composite parts manufacturing presented by Evagoras Zervas
  6. DNA Phone – digital twin in chemical analysis processes presented by Alessandro Tonelli
  7. Mirelite Mirsa – project montwin, digital twin in food processing industry presented by Gergély Boromisza
  8. Robopac – pilot project in the wrapping industry presented by project mentor Armir BujariUniversity of Bologna).
  9. NERVE edge computing – enabling technology which facilitated some of the digital twinning projects in Change2Twin presented by Miodrag VeselicTTTech Industrial.

Panel Discussion: Accelerating Digital Twin Adoption

Our project also hosted a thought-provoking panel discussion on the main stage. The topic? Accelerating the Digital Twin Adoption in EU SMEs: The Role of EDIHs and the Network of EDIHs. Distinguished experts shared insights, debated strategies, and explored avenues for widespread adoption. The engaged audience reflected the growing interest in digital twins and their transformative potential.

A Resounding Success

MECSPE 2024 was more than an exhibition—it was a great dissemination opportunity for our project, showcasing some of the projects that we have funded in European SMEs. We are thankful to all our partners and beneficiaries for their commitment, turning this event into a big success!

Check the gallery for our the insights!