Quo vadis Change2Twin in 2023?

Our project has entered into its third year. So far, we have collected a lot of expertise about introducing digital twins in small manufacturing companies and we will disseminate it broadly. One last open call has just been launched to enable up to 16 manufacturers to create and deploy a digital twin. What is on our plate this year and what we can offer to you? Read our article!

Testimonials from beneficiaries

Now that the first assessment and deployment rounds have been successfully completed, we want to share the experience from beneficiaries. Therefore we have sent videographers to our beneficiaries’ production sites to make video interviews with them. At the time of writing of this article, the works are ongoing. We will be very happy to introduce you the deployment experiments from the perspective of our beneficiaries. First videos will be presented in February!

Last open call

On 16 January 2023 we have launched our second deployment open call. This will be the last one of its kind. This means that all small manufacturers who are interested in our programme, should use this unique opportunity and apply before 16 April 2023. In this open call we can help up to 16 companies to create and deploy a digital twin. Financial support (max. €90.000) and a 11-months-mentoring programme are part of our offer.

Assessing companies’ fitness for digital twin

The 14 winners of the 2nd assessment voucher have been onboarded in early January 2023. They will get their €10.000 funding to get assessed by a certified DIH. If they are fast and fit enough, they can still make it to apply for the deployment voucher. The assessment can be done in the framework of several days and at the end of it, the DIH provides the beneficiary not only with a profound report but also with up to three ready to use recipes, how to create and deploy the digital twin they want.

Dissemination of our expertise

We have collected our expertise in numerous videos and in two position papers. Our research partners SINTEF and BOC have also published some results in scientific journals. It is of utmost importance for us to share this knowledge with all interested parties. Even though we will offer no more funding opportunities after the 2nd Deployment voucher, we think that our knowledge can help manufacturers to set up digital twins on their own. We will keep disseminating our knowledge and results. If you want us to talk at your event, please contact us, we are happy to do so!

Change2Twin M30 review

At the end of January the Change2Twin consortium will meet in Brussels for project review to present its progress up until M30 (November 2022) and present the outlook on the months to come. We are very proud that for this review we will be joined by our Deployment Voucher beneficiaries and pilot experiment partners. The majority of them will be present in person and will meet our Project Officer and the reviewers.

Sustainability of Change2Twin solution

In parallel with the other activities, our working groups are discussing the best ways how to preserve the Change2Twin solution for the future. We are observing the developments on the DIH/EDIH market and seek new cooperation parnters. The technology and solution marketplace underwent a significant “facelift” to make it more user friendly and customer oriented. This is an important part of the sustainability solution.

Follow our communication channels in 2023

Of course, there will be many more activities and best practice sharing in this year. So please follow us on LinkedIn, on YouTube, on Change2Twin community and of course, also here on the website. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more, or want to be part of our sustainability model or if you want someone from our team to talk at your event!