Change2Twin Assessment Voucher 1st Open Call is now closed. These are the main figures of the submitted applications.

The project Change2Twin offers four Open Calls for SMEs and mid-caps to enhance their digitisation level, through two different instruments: the Assessment Voucher and the Deployment Voucher. Open Calls are funding rounds in which entities can submit proposals in the hope of being selected to receive funds to get their technological ideas evaluated, deployed and/or tested.

The first Assessment Voucher open call call has just been closed, and its results will be published after the evaluation period. This call offers a lump sum up to 10 000€, so the selected companies can get a detailed digitisation assessment and three recipes to implement digital twinning technologies. The call has been running from 28th January 2021 at 9:00 am CET until 29th March 2021 at 17:00 CEST. 

Up to the closure moment, 174 applicants had shown their interest in the programme and its first open call by starting an application, while 54 applications have been finally submitted one. Applicants from 13 countries have participated in the call, which is expected to select up to 25 of the initiatives to be part of the programme and receive:

  • Full technical assessment from a certified DIH of their choice
  • Up to three recipes to implement a digital twin solution
  • The assessment is worth up to €10k!
  • Media exposure and networking opportunities
  • Further access to Deployment Vouchers to implement solutions

As for the 38 certified Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) that participate in the Change2Twin programme, 21 of them have received an interest from the applicants to be assessed by them. This means, 55% of the DIHs involved have been included in applications

The evaluation process is ongoing and the selected finalists will be announced in the coming weeks, after two external and independent evaluators have assessed the excellence, impact and implementation possibilities of each of the applications.

Keep yourself informed by following the Change2Twin Linkedin page and join the Change2Twin community to find out more about digital twins, to network with colleagues and to be informed of all the opportunities to digitise your manufacturing SME or mid-cap.