Change2Twin Marketplace – the place to be for your digital twin solution!

The Change2Twin Marketplace is an online platform presenting solutions of European technology providers that facilitate the creation and deployment of digital twins. The Marketplace has been developed as a tool for European Digital Innovation Hubs which help manufacturers in their digitalization efforts. Today, it is mainly used by those which are part of the Change2Twin network, however in the future, this tool should be available to a much broader DIH network.   

Enrol your solution in Change2Twin Marketplace! 

Initially, the Marketplace consisted of solutions offered by Change2Twin consortium partners, but our Marketplace is scaling up and accepts solutions from any other European technology provider. Therefore, we encourage digital twin technology providers to enroll in the Marketplace and showcase their solutions. The Marketplace gives more exposure to your solution and unlocks new markets for you. Thus, your product or service will reach new customers throughout Europe. The listing of your solution on Change2Twin Marketplace is free of charge

Change2Twin Marketplace upgrades in 2022 

This year Change2Twim Marketplace is shifting from a simple list of offerings to a more advanced portal, providing some useful features to increase technology providers competitiveness.  

Here are some key features expected: 

  1. Advanced search tool 

This tool enables customers to find the most fitting solution for a given need, exploring not only items from a single marketplace, but all items imported from different marketplaces. The search is based on semantic matching, including keywords and metadata. Availability: Q2 2022. 

  1. Deployable solutions 

Using technology solutions directly via the Marketplace is possible for deployable solutions, e.g. services that runs in the cloud. With deployable solutions, technology providers receive some useful statistics to increase their offering usage. Full availability: Q4 2022, though there is already offering to make your solution already available in the cloud. 

  1. Federation of marketplaces 

Our aim is to switch from a centralised-marketplace into federation of marketplaces (that are using the common model), which listed solutions are tailored towards region needs. There is a solution to be introduced in Q2 2022 able to retrieve marketplace items from different type of other marketplaces. 

Quality Assurance of Marketplace items 

In order to guarantee only mature, high-quality solutions are present in the Marketplace, each proposition goes through onboarding process, described briefly HERE. Technology providers will get a curation guide used during this process (link will be provided shortly).  It will ensure proposed solution fits the profile and that is high-quality described to increase your competitiveness.  

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