Digital Innovation Hubs

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) are very important partners for Change2Twin. They act as main contact points for local SMEs which seek to get support by Change2Twin. DIHs provide assessment of the company’s potential for digital twinning, create their individual twinning recipe using the Change2Twin Marketplace and thus help them on their way to get a digital twin.

All DIHs that are interested to participate in Change2Twin scheme get an appropriate training after which they will be certified to provide the service. The first group 38 DIHs has been trained and certified in January 2021 and many of them then actively participated in the 1st assessment open call by carrying out digital twinning assessments with selected SMEs according to Change2Twin methodology.

UPDATE June 2022: For the second Assessment Voucher Open Call (June – September 2022), Change2Twin is cooperating with a network of 54 certified Digital Innovation Hubs from 21 EU or associated countries.

To get a better picture about the assessment procedure, check our four pilot experiments (intreviews on our YouTube channel), which have absolved the procedure already in Autumn 2020.

Our goal is to create a sustainable business model so that the certified DIH can provide this service also beyond the scope of Change2Twin project.

If you want to see which kind of applications Change2Twin supports, check our four pilot experiments and read the article about the assessment experience of one of them – Space Structures.

Requirements for DIH to join Change2Twin:

  • You have to be enrolled to in the European DIH catalogue (enrollment anytime possible)
  • Your main focus area has to be on manufacturing