Unlocking the Power of Digital Twins: A Success Story for SMEs

Read this article by our ambassador Marjorie Grassler

Despite their reputation for complexity and high costs, digital twins have never been more accessible or more crucial for SMEs businesses to join the industry 4.0 revolution. With the Change2Twin project, SMEs can finally experience the benefits of this game-changing technology.

You can win a digital twin!

Imagine you are a CEO and founder of a European manufacturing SME applying for the Change2Twin 2d open call and you have just received an email from Tor Dokken, the coordinator of the project, telling you the good news:

“Congratulations, your company has been selected for the Deployment Voucher of up to 90.000€ to deploy a digital twin in your business”.

As your eyes are still stuck on your mobile phone, you can already see how digital twins will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve your company’s competitiveness. When you first heard about Digital Twin a few months ago, and evaluated it as a solution to enhance your company’s results, you initially believed that the technology was only accessible to large companies. It wasn’t easy to understand how a digital twin, a digital replica of an artefact, process or service that is so accurate that it can be used as the basis for making decisions, could be integrated into your SME.

Revolutionize your manufacturing process with Change2Twin – the perfect digital twin solution for every SME in the industry!

Sharing knowledge with SMEs

A new world opened to you after typing on Google search “digital twin for SMEs”: Change2Twin project was listed in the results and just like that you found out about the Digital Twinning ecosystem, and you get aware of the technology being a unique opportunity to digitalize your business.

So now that you know about the 9 Digital Twin Barriers for manufacturing SMEs, you are deep diving into the Change2Twin project and are amazed that you could benefit from some Telsa technologies. Experts are telling you the 7 steps method to make a twinning plan, and, how it can offer a large return of investment.  

It is not just for the big ones!

Four pilot experiments with companies from diverse manufacturing branches (Packaging, paint manufacturing, prothesis industries, and machine verification) allow you to understand the potential of the digital twin technologies. You learn that the technology help to decrease operational costs (Graphenstone), create new services (Aetna Group/Robopac), maintain your machines certified (Additive industries), and optimize material use (Space Structures).

Still, you hesitate, and you are not sure how SMEs can benefit from digital twin technologies but Chris Trochoutsos, IT Director, from PressiousArvanitidis, provide a valuable testimony that helps you to illustrate one way to integrate Digital Twin into am SME:

“When we were asked to choose which process to stimulate with the digital twin, we decided to implement one that is currently done with human intervention, we felt that this way we could get more value from the implementation of the digital twin.”

The statement of Alessandro Candiani, CEO of DNAPhone, finishes to convince you that Digital Twin will definitely transform your business:

“A great first improvement has been an increase of the digitization of data and the inclusion of this data in pipelines that are much more structured and much more aimed at benefiting from the overall collection. Great improvement has been achieved in the production time of instrument.”

Join a thriving digital twin community today and discover innovative solutions

Many ways to benefit from Change2Twin expertise

You want to adopt digital twins and find suitable solutions for creating and deployment of technology. After registering in the marketplace, you discover the compass tool and apply to get the digitalization assessment. It provides an overview of the ambitions, key driving KPIs, current digitalization level, intended digital transitions, possibilities for Digital Twins and the needed digitalization level to make these twins happen.

Now that you find out which type of Digital Twin is useful for your company, you are convinced that your company is about to be part of the manufacturing revolution provided by industry 4.0 technologies. Just before closing your computer, you discover that you are not alone and that you can be part of an amazing community. There, you can get news about digital twins, get aware of events that you can attend, and talk with technology providers : 

Do not lose the chance to become an early Digital Twin adopter, join the Change2Twin community but most importantly apply to the Deployment Voucher before the 16 April 2023, 17:00.

Article by Change2Twin Ambassador Marjorie Grassler