How to enrol your digital twin solution in Change2Twin Marketplace?

If your company provides solutions for the creation and deployment of digital twins, you are welcome to enrol to Change2Twin Marketplace. The service is completely free of charge! To join our Marketplace and catch the attention of Digital Innovation Hubs and end-users in their search for appropriate digital services and products, you have to follow 4 easy steps. 

-> For more information about the Marketplace read Change2Twin Marketplace – the place to be for your digital twin solution! 

4 steps to enrol your solution in the Marketplace 

  1. Send your enquiry to 
  1. In return, you will be given a form to be filled and a guide how to proceed. Make sure that your description is precise and relevant to digital twinning. 
  1. When you submit your description, our Onboarding task force will take care of it. They will assess your item against technical and non-technical quality criteria. In case of need they will contact you directly to complete the validation of your listing. 
  1. When your listing is validated, it will be published on the Marketplace and you will be notified per e-mail. 

How to prepare a great listing 

Our Marketplace is offering solutions for the creation and deployment of digital twins. Therefore, each item needs to provide precise information about its relation to digital twinning to be recognisable for end-users. Additionally, it has to specify effort required for installation, which type of process/manufacturing is involved, how the item can be acquired, website and contact details for more information etc. 

Review procedure before publication 

Accepting a new offer into the Marketplace is based on an onboarding process which guarantees the quality and relevance of the listed solutions. As mentioned above, the Onboarding task force will review each listing and contact their owners. In case of non-compliance to the requirements or non-responsiveness of the provider, the offer can be rejected. 

A non-technical (administrative) review has to be done with all submitted solutions. The technical review is required in case there is a need for an item to be deployed or technical requirements need to be discussed. After the offer is accepted, the Marketplace is updated accordingly, and item owner is notified.