Inside Change2Twin kitchen (February ’22)

It’s a hard and responsible job to provide non-refundable funds of €90k! Now, at the beginning of February, our legal and financial teams are still clarifying some important issues with several potential beneficiaries. We will be able to announce the final funding list in due course but not before these issues were clarified. However, independent from this process, our technical team is already preparing the kick-off meeting with the beneficiaries of the Deployment Voucher. This will be an intense 1,5 days workshop, in which the SMEs will get to know their mentors and get acquainted with the 11-month deployment programme. We are all excited about these deployment projects and can’t wait to see them unfold!

On the other hand, our assessment team is busy post-processing the results from the 1st Assessment Voucher call. In December we have surveyed the beneficiaries and their supporting DIH about their experience. At the end of February, we will meet with them to discuss these lessons learned, so that we can implement improvements in the 2nd Assessment Voucher call, which will start this year in summer. On top of this, our communication team will interview the SMEs and DIHs and will showcase their experience in articles & videos on our communication channels.

Our pilot experiments are almost finished by now, also here we are discussing the lessons learned, preparing the final report and of course, also a final event to present their stories to the public. In the meantime, you can watch tech talks and interviews with our pilots on our YouTube channel.

Also our technical teams are working very hard – we are preparing a new position paper for you about the enabling technologies for digital twins. Our standards working group has also reconvened this month and analyzes standards applicable to digital twins.

On the administrative part, our periodic project report was due at the end of January, so all partners have participated in providing the necessary technical and financial details for every work package.

Last but not least, we have two new opportunities for you to actively support Change2Twin! If you are a digital twin enthusiast with solid a network of contacts and you are willing to share your knowledge with others, we would like to hire you as the new Change2Twin ambassador! Details and the job advertisement will be published soon. The other opportunity is targeted at Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH). We are again accepting applications from DIHs that want to be part of Change2Twin network and participate in the upcoming 2nd Assessment Voucher call. Details will be published soon!