Take a look at Change2Twin Marketplace

Change2Twin Marketplace will be a synergy of modern solutions offered by BOC Asset Management GmbH, INSTYTUT CHEMII BIOORGANICZNEJ POLSKIEJ AKADEMII NAUK (PSNC), and CloudBroker GmbH. All of the companies are experienced in commercial and EU projects, so the result is expected to be worthwhile, combining the best practices of either side.

BOC team oversees the implementation of the Marketplace User Interface and all its widgets to facilitate work the in digital twin area and to create comfortable conditions for users to interact with the Marketplace.

Meanwhile, CloubBroker successfully collaborated with the PSNC team that provided with respective resources, that allow running instances in the cloud. Also, the CloudBroker team is responsible for establishing the Marketplace middleware, enabling such processes like user management and authorization, solution deployment, and billing mechanism.

Below you can find some insights on future realization:

–       User management and authorization modules will be implemented following the latest security trends to assure the safety of user data.

–       Solution deployment will use the CloudBroker Platform functionality as a basis. Currently, it allows bringing various software into the Cloud or deploys it in HPC with minimum efforts, complementing those with monitoring and analysis features. Within the project, this will be enhanced to become available for digital twinning.

–       Billing mechanism will be designed to be as flexible as possible to fit the needs of all Marketplace users. For regular customers, it will support different payment methods. For Solution providers it will allow commercializing their offerings based on price models that suit them best, supporting trials, licensing, subscriptions, custom charges, and many more options.

Stay tuned for further news and updates!