Certification of Partner DIHs launching soon!

The strong interest of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) to participate in Change2Twin pilot scheme is a good news for all SMEs willing to acquire a Digital Twin. Our autumn campaign caught attention of DIH from several European countries and now we have more potential partner DIHs on board than planned for this phase. In order to accommodate all of them in our pilot certification scheme, we decided to train them in an online course which will take place early next year. If you wish to join the growing network in the pilot phase, then this is the last call to do so!

The Change2Twin project aims to facilitate the access of SMEs to Digital Twin technologies and support their efforts to digitize. For this purpose, Change2Twin will launch on January 2021 an Open Call with two different instruments :

  • An Assessment Open Call, which should enable the successful SMEs to benefit from the services of a DIH for a detailed assessment of their digital maturity and identification of 3 different “ready-to-use recipes” for implementation and deployment of Digital Twins. Successful SMEs will get a €10,000 voucher to be used with the certified DIHs of their choice.
  • A Deployment Open Call, which will provide SMEs with a €90,000 voucher to be used with technologies providers for the actual deployment of the digital twin and for the execution of application experiments.

In this process, DIHs play a key role as they collaborate both with SMEs that may be interested in deploying digital twin technologies and also with solution providers for the creation and deployment of digital twins. DIHs act as main contact point for finding and encouraging local SMEs to apply for the Change2Twin Calls and also identifying local technology providers that could be interested in promoting their solutions.

As part of the project, a DIHs certification process is going to be setting up and only certified DIHs will be able to deliver services to successful SMEs. DIHs interested in being certified will participate in an online training that will be organized at the beginning of January 2021 prior to the launch of the first Open Call.

The certification training will provide DIHs with targeted information about Digital Twin technology (common understanding, barriers to Digital Twin adoption, enabling technologies, digital manufacturing standards etc.) as well as a detailed presentation of specific tools developed under the project. In addition to that DIHs will get familiar with tools that they will use in the Assessment Phase:

  • The assessment tool Compass which has been developed as a methodology for DIHs for assessing digital preparedness of SMEs and their level of companies towards implementing Digital Twins and other Industry 4.0 solutions.
  • The Change2Twin Marketplace which is a curated architecture-agnostic technology platform, populated with state-of-the-art tools and solutions from technology providers for the creation and deployment of Digital Twins. It has been designed for helping DIHs to identify suitable solutions and provide SMEs with ready-to-use twinning recipes.

Images et Réseaux, a French DIH, is a member of the project consortium and works on the enlargement of the DIHs network and coordinates their certification process. We are continuously seeking for DIHs interested in cooperating with the project. If your DIH is interested to join our network, please contact us via DIH@change2twin.eu.