Change2Twin Marketplace

Change2Twin is launching the initial version of its technology Marketplace! Let us introduce you the Marketplace in 5 questions & answers:


The Change2Twin Marketplace is a platform that offers a variety of exploitation and innovation items, such as digital services and products, relevant for Digital Twin experiments. The Marketplace enables interactions of DIHs and end-users alike to search, browse for and discover appropriate digital services and products relevant in the pilot projects to create Digital Twins.

For whom?

The Change2Twin Marketplace serves as a platform, where offerings find their way to:

The Change2Twin Marketplace supports SMEs that are looking for solutions or assistance when adopting Digital Twin technologies by providing consulting services as well as information, software application and digital infrastructure offerings. DIHs can assist their regional SMEs either directly with innovation items or by offering services through the marketplace to SMEs outside of their region. The Change2Twin Marketplace serves as an enabler for DIHs to expand their network and increase their regional impact by connecting with other hubs. Solution and infrastructure providers can receive direct feedback for their Marketplace offerings from the consumers.


The Change2Twin Marketplace consists of three major building blocks – the Marketplace Landing Page, the Marketplace Middleware and the Marketplace Infrastructure. This modular architecture ensures sustainability of the marketplace as it can be deployed in various modes and integrated into existing solutions at DIHs. In particular, the Marketplace Landing Page is responsible for the interaction. A model-based approach is followed for the design and the configuration of the marketplace. This means that the knowledge to browse, search, discover and retrieve relevant items for Digital Twin experiments is exposed and can be used for assessment methods, consulting services and advanced interaction techniques. An example for such an advanced interaction is the Change2Twin Compass Assessment Tool on SME digital readiness, enabling potential users to find the suitable innovation offering for their application case.


An SMEs ecosystem consists of many technologies and partners required to pave the way for implementing Digital Twin solutions. Therefore, the Change2Twin Marketplace has been created to assist SMEs, DIHs as well as technology providers in finding the right partners and solution space for their needs. The offerings on the Change2Twin Marketplace are related to the creation and deployment of Digital Twins ranging from data modelling over control systems to applications in various lifecycle phases. The Marketplace has been developed as a platform for DIHs helping SMEs in their digitization efforts. For this reason, the Change2Twin Marketplace supports DIHs so that they can easily find suitable solutions for SMEs interested in acquiring a Digital Twin.


Stay tuned for further news and take a look at the Change2Twin Marketplace to browse for innovation items that best fit your requirements.

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