#Assessment Voucher: 2nd stage – Digital Twinning Readiness Assessment

In this part we will look more closely at Digital Twinning Readiness Assessment which follows after the Digitalisation Assessment.

When the first stage was completed stating that digital twin is relevant for the company, the digital twinning readiness assessment can begin. The Readiness Assessment is meant to get more detailed information on the readiness of the SME for a specific digital twinning purpose which was identified in the first stage.

For this part of the assessment another session with the DIH and the SME is necessary. Here it can be useful to have a more technical experienced member of the SME present.

In this stage another tool is used to guide the discussion between the DIH and the SME – the Change2Twin Readiness Tool. The tool uses the “7-steps method” by ESI/TNO to identify the readiness gaps between the current status and the company’s ambitions in relation to the most relevant digital twinning purpose.

For more details about the Digital Twinning Readiness Tool, please consult the Document “Definition of Assessment Steps and Guidelines”. Here in section 5.1 you will also find a (fictive) case study.

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