#Assessment Voucher: Analysing the level of digitalisation in your company

The first step in the assessment procedure will be the determination of your company’s situation and visions in terms of digitalisation. To assess the state and plans of any company, it is recommended that representatives of the DIH and of the company meet in company premises. This will allow the DIH consultant to see the level of technology uptake in the company and get an impression of the way of working and company culture.

The procedure follows Change2Twin methodology developed by TNO/ESI and it is guided by the DIH consultant. The findings are recorded in a special questionnaire. The DIH will send you a preparation document in advance.

The first goal is to clearly state why your company is considering digitalisation, especially digital twinning. Is digital twin the right solution for you or do you actually need a different digitalisation solution? This first stage is called Digitalisation Assessment.

If the result shows that digital twinning is relevant for your company (relevance level medium or high), you can continue to the second stage: the Digital Twinning Readiness Assessment.

With the outcome from both stages, the DIH can advise you about possible technology choices and create the recipes.

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