#Assessment Voucher: 3rd stage – Digital Twinning recipes

In this part we will look more closely at digital twinning recipes which the SME obtains after successful completion of both assessments (Digitalisation & Readiness).

With the outcome of both tools, the DIH can then advise the SME on technology choices and create the recipes.

This is also where the assessment tools and the Change2Twin marketplace link. Ideally the flow that an SME experiences looks like this:

The SME has a general idea, and with the help of the assessment tool the SME gets a structured overview of its “current status” and the desired outcome. Based on this result the DIH can advise on the recipes that will bring the SME to the desired outcome. The ingredients in this recipe are the enabling technologies and services needed to reach the desired state. The SME can then move on to the Change2Twin marketplace where these enabling technologies and services are available.

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