#Assessment Voucher: What is the Assessment Voucher?

Assessment Voucher is one of two financial instruments offered by Change2Twin to manufacturing SMEs to improve their digitalization level, with a view to create and deploy a digital twin. It is a non-refundable grant provided on competitive basis and amounting up to €10.000. The Assessment Voucher covers the costs of an in-depth analysis of the company’s digitalization level and its readiness for the adoption of a digital twin. The analysis is complemented by three recipes for creating and deploying a digital twin according to needs of the SME. The obtained recipe can be used as a base to apply for the second financial instrument – the Deployment Voucher.

The analysis and the recipes follow Change2Twin methodology and are carried out by certified Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH). SMEs that win an Assessment Voucher are requested to choose one such DIH to cooperate with.

The procedure is developed to last around 4-5 working days but can differ case by case. It is advisable that the assessment takes place in person on the premises of the company. The representative(s) of the DIH use standardized questionnaires developed for this purpose by Change2Twin. The results of the assessment are summarized in a report, which will be submitted to Change2Twin for final review. The SME receives the grant after the report was approved by Change2Twin and can pay the DIH for its consulting services.

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